Anyone can give you a wedding video but only NDF Films can tell your Wedding Story with a different approach!

NDF Films is a studio directed by Nelson D’Freitas, with ample experience in audiovisual mediums since 1989. “I sincerely believe in a style that reflects, through an artistic interpretation, the true emotions of your activity” Says Nelson D’Freitas.

We know that quantity is not the same as quality, so every scene that you will see in your film is there to tell the story of your day.

We are experts in video production, and all of our talent is focused on that task.

Nelson feels that, as wedding filmmakers, he and his team have the unique privilege of sharing in one of the most profound day of any couple’s live, taking great pride in producing meaningful documentaries of their wedding day.

NDF Films offers an exclusive brand of Wedding Cinematography in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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Destination Wedding Filmmaker Launches New Website

March 11, 2013

Celebrating 15 years of wedding filmmaking and over 1000 weddings, well-known Puerto Rican NDF Films are proud to announce the launch of their brand new website. A husband and wife run wedding cinematography company, the new website is testament to Nelson D’Freitas and his partner’s understanding of the sensitivity required when filming couples as they say their vows, turn the first page of a whole new chapter in their lives and embark on a whole new journey.

Honoured each and every time there is an opportunity to witness and record such a life changing event, Nelson and his team have expertly succeeded in engineering a website that is nothing less than a wonderful reflection of the quality of their artistic creativity.

A virtual showcase for their unique product and noted professionalism, the range of video galleries and beautiful stills of garden, beach and urban weddings is inspiring. Combined with enhanced user functionality, brides and grooms-to-be, are easily able to navigate the new site, focus on the information they need and gain some wonderful ideas for their own dream destination wedding and video.   As modelled by the stylish and sophisticated new layout of their website, NDF Films guarantee to capture every moment of a couple’s wedding starting with a ‘behind the scenes’ getting ready section and finishing only when the last guest leaves.

Without being obtrusive in any way yet displaying an exceptional ability to capture the very essence of the wedding day from the smallest detail to the momentous “I Do”, Nelson’s team offers a unique but very tasteful style of wedding filmmaking. Always respectful of the fact that a wedding is a very personal and emotional experience, Nelson explains, “We don’t want to interrupt. They will hardly know we are there, yet we won’t miss a thing”.

This discrete approach to wedding filmmaking is the very latest in the real life story telling trend.  Filming a wedding with such natural sensitivity allows for the bride and groom and their family and friends to feel very comfortable with the camera and the videographer to capture pure, unrehearsed emotion. Edited with music and subtle special effects, NDF Films provide a product that is a timeless documentary of superb quality video and audio.

Demonstrating the ultimate in wedding cinematography, the new NDF Films website is a true representation of the company’s standard and ethics. Working only with the most highly qualified videographers and cutting edge editing software, while continuously on the look out for new wedding trends, it is no wonder that NDF Films is at the forefront of an emerging market of wedding filmmaking.

With each film carefully edited to suit the style of wedding and personalities of the bride and groom, every wedding couple can rest assured that they will have a beautiful memento to look back on and smile over for years to come.


Make Every Moment Count By Investing In A Video Of Your Wedding

March 8, 2013

It is understandable that after weeks, months and even years of planning for the big day, a bride and groom will want to capture every single moment of their wedding. Booking a photographer is normally high priority on the to-do-list but while a great photographer can take some stunning shots, photos are only ever representative of select moments in time. They may tell a story, but no matter how great the camera or its operator, they never tell the full story.

So lengthy is the process of the planning, the day of the wedding will seem to whizz by in comparison. Surrounded by friends and family wanting to engage in conversation and bestow their congratulations and best wishes while checking out the new ring, much of the day will seem to be a whirlwind. Add to this the photo shoot, dinner, cake cutting, speeches, tossing of the bridal bouquet and the first dance among other things, and there is a lot to get through. It is easy to see how a bride and groom may find it hard to take it all in.

Still in a state of wondrous disbelief that the well-awaited “I Do’s” have come and gone, and with so much going on around them, the recently pronounced newlyweds often miss out on the smaller details of their wedding. These may seem insignificant at the time but being able to look back on them will often grow in importance as the years go by. The antics involved with getting a four year old flower girl to walk down the aisle, a grandmother singing as she cradles a baby or an elderly uncle trying to dance gangham style, are just a few of little details that unless caught on video, can not possibly be truly reflected in a photograph. While a photo may capture a glimpse of the action and take pride of place over the mantelpiece, you can never hit replay. Being able to watch and laugh, see some of things you might of missed, remember the bits you have forgotten and cry once again over the vows, will be even more poignant later on in life.

Unfortunately it is a sad yet unavoidable fact that memories become weaker with age and accounts of times gone by get distorted. While this time may still be many moons away, a beautiful wedding film will always be there as a timeless reminder of your special day.

Photos, by all means, are an absolute must at any wedding celebration, but to truly complement the memories, a video is a wonderful keepsake for all the family including the generations yet to come.


A Wedding Video Speaks For Itself

March 8, 2013

You would be inclined to think that the advantages of a wedding video would be obvious. So how come many couples don’t even give it a thought? Very often the answer is the budget, couples choosing to cut back on the video because they have the photos and believing that the money will be better spent elsewhere. Forsaking the opportunity to have a film of the wedding and opting to spend on more flowers or a bigger-than-necessary wedding cake, is more misguided money management than anything else. Much more than a mere luxury, a wedding video is a life long investment and no more extravagant than a DVD of hundreds of photos.

Couples who have recently exchanged rings and committed themselves to one another until ‘death us do part’, suddenly find themselves in a post-wedding period that is inundated with photos. Depending on budget, sifting through wedding photos is time consuming and can ultimately result in being more costly than first though. With literally thousands of photos to go through and many repeats of the same pose with only a single difference between them, the task is a mighty one. So many couples find the choice so overwhelming they often come away with far more than they really wanted or have the budget to buy.

A wedding video can help ease this issue. Capturing everything from the arrival of the make-up artist to the last dance of the evening, a video of the wedding is a beautiful amalgamation of the all the photos. Having it all on film allows a wedding couple to choose their photos without feeling that they might regret not purchasing all of them.

This is not to say that couples have to make a choice between a wedding filmmaker or a photographer, but it is advisable to contemplate having both. This is not an ‘anyone could point and shoot’ style of wedding video. A proper wedding film is put together and edited by highly qualified professionals. There is no indecipherable audio, no camera shake, strange angles, out of focus shots and half obscured views of the ceremony. A wedding film is a far cry from the fuzziness of the typical guest-shot handy cam videos we all dread and yet are so often forced to endure. This is a film as one would expect any regular movie to be with seamless editing, incredible audio, beautiful special effects and above all, great visibility.

One particular advantage of a wedding film is of course the audio. No matter how perfect a photo, it just can’t compete on the same level as a voice recording in helping you relive your special day.

In an attempt to treasure their wedding ceremony vows, couples routinely ask for a copy of the words. Although these might go as far as being framed, being able watch the beautiful moment the officiant announces that the groom can kiss the bride, all over again, is all the more special. Less likely to get lost among a stack of household paperwork, torn or even thrown away, a wedding film can be housed with rest of your favorite movies for years to come.

If money is a concern, there are many other ways in which to limit spending on your wedding. Definitely worth some consideration, a wedding film preserves a memory for a lifetime and will never fade or change as the years go by. What better reason is there? It is after your wedding day and along with the birth of a child, it is one of the most important occasions of your life.